David Zimmerman III has been making movies since he was old enough to pickup a video camera and is a director of photography, editor, and director. He attended Columbia College Chicago and graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Video.

In 2004, Zimmerman shot, edited, and co-directed The Only Way, the controversial film about a school shooting. The following summer, he shot, edited, and co-directed the short film Before the Storm. In 2008, he shot, edited, wrote, and directed Into the Woods, an homage to '80's horror films and also the fourth film he produced with Levi Obery. That same year Zimmerman also served as second unit director of photography for the critically-acclaimed film One Hour Fantasy Girl. In 2009, Zimmerman served as director of photography on the psychological thriller The Magic Stone. Zimmerman is currently developing several new projects through his production company, Z3 Films.

Zimmerman currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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